See what some professionals who took part in our courses had to say:

Andrea Meirelles Santoro
Andrea Meirelles Santoro Lawyer

I found the experience of coming to Oxford exceptional both for the content and culturally speaking. I found the exchange of experiences and information between the English legal world and the Brazilian one very interesting. I can see that we still have to develop a lot in Brazil. It was amazing and I will recommend to other people too.

Joice Ruiz
Joice Ruiz Lawyer, Satiro E Ruiz Advogados, Sao Paulo

The course provides a unique experience for the Legal study because is taught in the colleges of Oxford. Teachers with high doctrinal and practical knowledge, presented dynamic lessons and managed to meet the expectations of all the legal professionals in our various fields. Other great advantages of the course are the visits, both in Oxford, with an afternoon dedicated to local history and culture, as in London highlighting the seminar at the Law Society – in which we could understand the key differences between Brazilian and English forensic practices – and visits to the courts (Royal Court of Justice and Old Bailey).

Professor Jonathan Black-Branch
Professor Jonathan Black-Branch Justice of the Peace & Magistrate (Oxfordshire), Professor of International Law, Barrister at Law

It was a great pleasure to offer a lecture on international human rights and to work with the participants to develop a presentation on comparative human rights issues.
The participants were well-informed professionals who readily accepted the challenge of learning about a new system and developing comparative perspectives with a view to identifying good practice to inform and improve their profession practice at home.

Cristina Nascimento de Melo
Cristina Nascimento de Melo Prosecutor in Bahia, Brazil, and director of the National Association of Prosecutors

This was an incredible experience, the course was really good and the city is beautiful. It was worth doing.

Stanley Valeriano da Silva
Stanley Valeriano da Silva Prosecutor in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

It was extremely interesting, because we gained not only legal knowledge, but also had the opportunity to have a different kind of experience. To come to a place like Oxford was worth it in itself. The teachers are superbly trained.

Rafael da Silva Rocha
Rafael da Silva Rocha Prosecutor in Amazonas, Brazil

I would like to thank you for the course and for the opportunity to get to know and experience the day-to-day life of one of the most traditional, if not the most traditional, university in the world. Congratulations on the organization of the event. It was really an incredible experience for all of us. I’d like to encourage my colleagues to take place in the next set of classes.

Daniela Tapxure
Daniela Tapxure Lawyer and Judicial Administrator, Tapxure & Severino, Sao Paulo

The course was wonderful, inspiring, productive, fascinating. It was different. Never thought I would come and participate in the legal field as an English person does as it is very select, restricted and the course provided that special experience for us. The entry into the courts, the cultural tour through the wonderful legal world of London, with a delicious lunch with the group and the teachers in London’s historic legal centre. High level talks with renowned teachers, respected and active. Even a Queen’s adviser we had, right? for two hours. It was lovely, it was wonderful. I recommend and I plan to return again and again.

Sérgio Martins Barbatto Júnior
Sérgio Martins Barbatto Júnior Judge of the State of Sao Paulo

Great friends, a wonderful place, great people. I take back to Brazil great friendships and endless knowledge – it’s worth it!

Raphael Luis Pereira Bevilaqua
Raphael Luis Pereira Bevilaqua Prosecutor in Rondônia, Brazil

Living in Oxford for a week and getting to know the legal system of Great Britain and Europe more in depth was a very rewarding experience. It whets your appetite: it gave me the incentive to try for a master’s course here, because there’s an international option which allows you to stay a few months here and a few months in Brazil, writing a thesis. It was a marvellous experience. I’m really satisfied.

Fatjon Alliaj
Fatjon Alliaj International Programmes Department

It was a pleasure to host participants on the ‘Law in Britain’ programme here at Hertford College, Oxford. This was the first time we hosted a Brazilian group during the summer months, and it was great to see how well the Prosecutors worked together making the most of both academic and cultural elements of the programme. Other highlights of the programme included a traditional Afternoon Tea and a Gala Dinner to celebrate and recognise the huge efforts and important roles played by the participant, lecturers, Law in Britain representatives and the International Programmes office at Hertford College, Oxford.

Daniel Carnio Costa
Daniel Carnio Costa Judge of the State of Sao Paulo

The course was excellent and met all my expectations. The teachers are extremely instructive and perceptive and very experienced. They provide to all of us who came, that feeling and that pleasure of being a student at Oxford for a week at least.