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International Law Course

De 17/09/2017 a 22/09/2017 en Oxford

  • Introduction to Insolvency Law in England
  • The Insolvency Act
  • The Enterprise Act
  • Court System
  • Insolvency Proceeding in England
  • Administration
  • Administrative receivership
  • Winding up
  • Treatment of claims in Insolvency Proceedings – Part A and B
  • Secured claims
  • Tax claims
  • Foreclosure of assets
  • Waterfall (priority rules)
  • Scheme of arrangements in the UK X Plan of Reorganization in the US
  • Investments and Source of funds for companies in distress
  • Financing Sale of Assets
  • Cross border insolvency
  • The Uncitral Model Law
  • The European Insolvency Regulation
  • The cooperation among bankruptcy judges of international jurisdictions
  • Mesa redonda



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